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Three-Dimensional Natural 3-Color Face Eyebrow Powder Palette with Double Sided Makeup Brushes Mirror Set

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  • 3 shades of eyebrow powder to fill in and define brows.
  • Feel light and soft, easily create clear and brilliant eye makeup finish.
  • Strong adhesive force, may merge with skin evenly, make the eyebrow more naturally, downy color can modify nose and swollen eye ministry outline, strengthen eye ministry stereo feeling, is not easy to take off makeup.
  • Slanted brush for precise application and a round wand to shape and style.
  • Powders that can be used on their own or blended separately for a natural match.


  1. Create perfect brows with our eyebrow powder.
  2. This eyebrow kit includes wax, tools and complementary powders, which can be customized to create the ideal shade.
  3. Each eyebrow cake powder kit includes a slanted brush.
  4. Soft Powdery eyebrow shaping formula comes complete with its own brushes, for easy application.
  5. Long-lasting, gives lasting color naturally beautiful look.
  6. Perfect Brow Kit will groom and shade your eyebrows.
  7. Enhance your natural eyebrows with Perfect Brow Kit.
  8. Perfect for both professional salon or home use!

    How To Use:

    Use the angle brush to apply powder to brows; follow with round wand to shape and style for a finished look.


    • 1 x 3 Colors Eyebrow Powder


    Eye cosmetics in a scratched, infected or irritated eye and scratches from cosmetic eye applicators can lead to eye damage and in extreme cases, even blindness. If your eye is scratched, stop using all eye cosmetics and go to an ophthalmologist immediately. Never apply this product in a moving vehicle.