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Blackhead Removal Kit Professional Skin Care Set

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Do you feel it dirty to squeeze out pustule by hands? This stainless steel blackhead tool can help you solve these problems.


About this Item

☑ Made of premium 100% dermatologist grade Stainless Steel, help in removing blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes, comedones, acne, etc.

☑ They are easy to use and clean, work well on the face and any other parts of the body.

☑ Safely removes blackheads quickly and easily! Anti-slip ergonomic handles help you better control the pressure during use.

☑ Built-in a 3X zoom flat mirror is protected by PU leather case and convenience to makeup anywhere and anytime.

☑ Each Blackhead remover kit comes with elegant travel size case to conveniently store in your bag, purse or bathroom drawer.



Type: Facial Cleaning Tool
Material: Stainless Steel for Needle
Color: Silver for Needle and Black for Bag
Package Size: Approx. 5.3" x 3.2" x 0.8"/13.5 cm x 8.2 cm x 2 cm (L x W x H)
Total Weight: Approx. 114.8 g/0.25 pounds



  • 5-in-1 x Blackhead Extractor Remover Kit
  • 1 x PU Leather Case


Select Appropriate Extracting Tool for your Acne.

  • Used for extracting of pimples that are located on the face.
  • Used for extraction of blackheads and acnes Great for extracting blackheads located at the nostrils.
  • The loops can be used to help clean the nose after you have applied the face mask. This tool is also great for blackheads located at the nostrils.
  • Used for extraction of blackheads and pimples. Apply this tool on the acne and eliminate blackheads with moderate force.
  • Used to remove blackheads and acne caused by impurities.
  • Puncture the whitehead with the sharp lancet if necessary so that the sebum can be released (please take care while using).

Blackhead Removal Kit Manual.


  • Never remove acne or pimples with your fingers, for which may cause inflammation on infections. Pushing too hard on a given area of your skin can damage skin cells, causing bruising, peeling or discoloration.
  • If you were inexperienced at popping whiteheads with a sharp lancet, you'd better get assistance from a professional dermatologist (skin specialist) or an esthetician.


  • If the pimples can not be extracted easily from the skin or several minutes have been passed, steam your face again or place a hot towel for a moment to make sure your pores are open enough for easy removal.
  • An extra effort toward better hygiene and cleanliness will optimize your success at treating your acne.
  • Your skin may bleed slightly after using the extractor. Lightly absorb any blood with a clear cotton pad.


  1. Before removing, it is better to clear your face with warm water, then place a hot washed cloth on your face for a few minutes to make the pores fully opened.
  2. Clean the tools with the boiled water and alcohol pad and make sure there is no any bacterial or dirt.
  3. Pick the tool that is most appropriate to the size of the blackhead, whitehead or pimples you are extracting from your face.
  4. Place the extractor over your blackhead or comedones, press the extractor in close to your skin and apply pressure in a downward motion.
  5. To be extra cautious about preventing infection after your finish, use additional alcohol pads to clean your now acne-free skin. The acne tools should be clean and disinfect with the alcohol pads as well before you put them away.